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Land your dream F3 in Australia or New Zealand

Enjoy your work as a doctor, feel supported and explore an amazing new country. Sound good? Let us help you find your dream F3 job.

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Find the perfect role Down Under

We've hand-picked interesting roles which are perfect for your F3 year and beyond.

Urgent Care Doctor

Featherston Medical

New Zealand


Urgent Care Doctor


New Zealand


Paediatrics SHO

Green Cross Health

Auckland,  New Zealand


Why move to Australia or New Zealand?

Thinking about taking a break from the NHS? Here are the top three reasons to work Down Under.

Great lifestyle

Start living your life outside of medicine. Weekends in the mountains or on the beach, evenings sampling local wines with a friend or relaxing with a clear head.

Supportive roles

Work in an exciting role as part of a safely-staffed, supportive team and enjoy walking out of the door with a clear mind, ready to spend time doing something you love.

Better perks

Know you are valued by your employers and receive better pay, job perks and investment in your training and education.


Frequently Asked Questions

I've found a job I like, what do I do now?

Through the website, you let us know what you're interested in, or if there's a particular job(s) that's caught your eye. We then invite you to create an online profile which introduces yourself to the relevant hospitals, explaining your clinical experience and interest in the role. They will then make contact with you, and progress to an interview and hopefully offer. We're around in the background to support and guide you through the process.

How do you have access to these jobs?

We have partnered with hospitals, clinics and in some cases local recruitment agencies who have the best opportunities across Australia and New Zealand. They are keen to find the best UK doctors to join their teams. We want to give you access to a wide range of the best jobs, without trawling job sites and signing up with 5 different agencies - making them work for you instead :)

Do I have to pay to use Messly?

No the service is completely free of charge for all doctors. We take a small fee from the hospital for introducing you to them.

Am I eligible to work in the Australia and New Zealand?

Australia and New Zealand have strict guidelines, which are set by the local medical councils. When you register we will ask you a series of questions to check if you're eligible and will give you feedback on what you need to do if not.

How long will it take me before I can move out there?

It varies depending on the role and your visa status. It can be as quick as 6-8 weeks, or as long as 3-6 months. We'll help guide you through the process and give you an indication of your expected timeline.

How long have Messly been around?

Messly is the leading online community for 25,000 UK doctors. We’ve been helping UK doctors through their training in the NHS since 2016. We’re now helping doctors move abroad for interesting opportunities. Our team is run by doctors for doctors. You can learn more about us at messly.co.uk
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