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We are a passionate team of doctors, techies and creatives

Helping doctors find their next role in healthcare

As doctors ourselves, we know how hard the job can be. And it’s made even harder by lack of good tools to support us through our careers. Our mission at Messly is is to make it more rewarding to be a doctor by building digital tools and services to better support you in your career.

Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Abrar

I started Messly in 2016 with my friend Chris, with the goal of supporting doctors to have more fulfilling careers.

We've seen how difficult is it for doctors to find the best locum work for them. At a time when more doctors are looking to explore portfolio careers, or top up their income with locum work, we are here to help.

This service is built with doctors in mind, putting you in control and helping you find your perfect locum jobs, quickly and on your terms

Dr Abrar Gundroo
Anaesthetics spr
founder of MESSLY
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Helping you find your next role in healthcare

Dr Abrar Gundroo

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Chris Kurwie

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Tara Wallace Senior

Client Engagement Manager
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Stefan Conway

Doctor Success
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Michael Merredy

Digital Marketting
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Will Woodville-Jones

Clinical Operations
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Dr Amelia Webber

Clinical Content Lead
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