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We help hospitals, clinics and HealthTech companies connect directly with pre-vetted, high-quality candidates from the Messly community of 40,000 doctors. Fast, simple and no commissions.

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Messly is a game-changer for finding locums. I got 3 job offers within 24 hours of signing up!
Trusted by 6k+ doctors
Trusted by 6k+ doctors
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The best way to hire great doctors fast

High quality, active doctors

All Messly doctors are pre-screened, and are actively looking for work. They have opted into hearing about opportunities like yours.

No ongoing commissions

We’re not a locum agency. You have a direct relationship with the doctor, giving you stability and continuity of care. And no commissions!

Simple, fast process

We’ve honed our recruitment process to give you rapid access to doctors without the hassle. No more wading through unsuitable CVs from Linkedin or Indeed!

Hiring support

We give you tools to support through the hiring process: interview scheduling, candidate portal and compliance support.

Here's how it works
Strategy & Design

We'll speak to deeply understand your hiring requirements and screening criteria for doctors. We can screen by years of experience, exams, minimum availability and more.

We also collect key information about your business and your role such as clinical duties, rotas, pay & benefits.

Then, these details are written up into a 'Campaign' by Messly's team of doctors.

Run Campaign

We run a targeted Campaign, sharing details of your opportunity to suitable doctors in the Messly network, using our insights into the doctor mindset to best sell your roles.

This includes app-notification, emails, social media and with our network of partners.

We work with you to collect feedback from doctors, and can adjust your Campaign as needed.

Process & Onboarding

All candidates are personally screened by our team of recruiters and doctors against your criteria. No time-wasters!

Suitable candidates are shared using our applicant tracking portal, so you can easily manage your pipeline of candidates.

We will support with interview scheduling, doctor liaison and collating doctor compliance documentation.

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The biggest careers network for UK doctors

✔️  All doctors are pre-screened for eligibility

All doctors are fully-GMC registered, with deep profiles of their work history. We ensure that you only ever speak to doctors who are available, keen and matched exactly to your hiring needs.

✔️  For temporary and permanent doctors

We work with clients looking to find both short-term temporary staff (locums) or permanent members of their team

✅   SHOs, F3s, Registrars, Consultants and GPs
✅   All specialties
✅   Ad-hoc shifts or long-term locums
✅   All parts of the UK

✔️  Works for hospitals, clinics and Tech companies

We have worked with private hospitals, clinics, GP practices, telemedicine providers, insourcing providers and HealthTech start-ups.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Messly?

Messly helps organisation looking to hire doctors to easily connect to active candidates from the Messly network of 40,000 UK-based doctors. We bridge the gap between expensive locum agencies and DIY solutions like Indeed and LinkedIn that distract your team.

How does it work?

We run campaigns to advertise you and your opportunity, which are shared via our doctors' app, emails, social media and with our network of partners. All candidates are personally screened by our team, and suitable candidates are introduced to you. We will then support with interview scheduling, doctor liaison and collating doctor compliance documentation.

Who is Messly for?

Messly is for private hospitals, clinics, GP practices, telemedicine providers, insourcing providers and HealthTech start-ups who are looking to hire great doctors quickly.

What kinds of doctors are on Messly?

Over 40,000 doctors use Messly to find work and to learn about their career options. They cover all grades and specialties and all regions of the UK. They are a mix of Consultants, GPs, trainee doctors and doctors working in portfolio careers as locums.

What is the vetting process for doctors?

Applicants to join Messly go through a 3-stage screening process. Each doctor is required to complete a detailed profile summarising their skills, experience and job requirements. Profiles are individually reviewed and vetted by the Messly team. We speak to candidates before their profile goes live to ensure they are engaged and actively looking for work.

How much does it cost?

We charge a small fees to run a campaign for you, plus a fee once you find a doctor that you want to work with. There are no ongoing commissions or any other fees. We aim to be significantly cheaper than an agency, and save you a lot of time versus the free options.

How long have Messly been around?

Messly started in 2016 and has grown to become the leading careers community for doctors.