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Trusted by 6k+ doctors
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We've hand-picked the best doctors from our network who are actively looking for locum work.

Dr Kiran S.

Consultant - Anaesthetics

📍   Cardiff & South West
✅    Available Now
🕓    20 shifts / month
💰   £70+ / hour


Dr Jamie M.

Registrar - Acute Medicine

📍   Cambridge & East Anglia
✅    Available Now
🕓    10 shifts / month
💰   £45+ / hour


Dr Maria C.

SHO - Emergency Medicine

📍   Yorkshire
✅    Available Aug 2020
🕓    25 shifts / month
💰   £35+ / hour


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Quickly connect with great candidates.

We provide everything you need to know about the candidate up-front, saving your team time and effort.

Smart Search

Search and filter candidates by grade, specialty, start date, availability, expected rates and more. Look up candidates for a specific hospital. Filter out those who are already bank-registered.

Detailed Profiles

View rich information on doctors to decide if they'll be easy to place. Look up employment history and download their CV direct from Messly.

Hiring Tools and Support

Quickly message doctors and schedule calls. Get over 80% response rate to messages. Supported by our team of doctors who are on hand to help.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Messly?

Messly helps recruiters easily connect to active candidates from the Messly network of 30,000 UK-based doctors and international candidates who are actively looking for roles in the public and private sectors in the UK and overseas.

How does it work?

We allow you to search and filter candidates based on your needs. We capture over 30 data points on each doctor, so you can quickly find the right match for the vacancy you are looking to fill. Each doctor has a rich profile with job wish list, employment history, education history and exams, excluded hospitals and a full CV. Reach out to doctors through the platform and make enquiries about your vacancies.

Who is Messly for?

Messly Talent is for recruitment agencies and healthcare organisations looking to hire UK and international doctors.

What kinds of doctors are on Messly?

There are 30,000 doctors on Messly, across all grades, specialties and regions. They are mostly UK-based trainee doctors, with a growing number of international candidates who are seeking work in the UK. Only those who are actively looking for work are made available to recruiters through the recruitment portal, so you don't have to trawl through profiles of passive doctors.

What is the vetting process for doctors?

Applicants to join Messly go through a 3-stage screening process. Each doctor is required to complete a detailed profile summarising their skills, experience and job requirements. Profiles are individually reviewed and vetted by the Messly team. We speak to candidates before their profile goes live to ensure they are engaged and actively looking for work.

How much does it cost?

Fees are charged once doctors are placed, based on the hours worked. There are no fees for setup or training, and no ongoing licence fees.

How long have Messly been around?

Messly started in 2016 and has grown to become the leading online community for 25,000 doctors. As their career companion on the journey from medical school to consultant, we help UK and international doctors learn about training in the NHS, discover the best places to work and easily find locum and permanent opportunities through our online careers portal. You can learn more about us at messly.co.uk

We give recruiters access to those members of the network who are actively interested in finding work opportunities, and simple but powerful tools to contact and make approaches to doctors.

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