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600+ doctors have signed up in the last 30 days
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600+ doctors have signed up in the last 30 days
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This is the future of NHS locum work, they act as a hub for all locum agencies to contact you through
Messly is a game-changer for finding locums. I got 3 job offers within 24 hours of signing up!
Trusted by 6k+ doctors
Trusted by 6k+ doctors
Jobs from the 20+ best locum agencies
Worried you're missing out on better paid, more rewarding, or more convenient locums? Or just worried about getting started?
Messly is a faster, simpler and more transparent way to find locum work.
How? We make all the best-reviewed locum agencies compete to offer you real locum jobs, before you’ve shared your contact details. You get all the locum work at your fingertips, and manage agency registration once.

By giving you choice and putting the power in your hands, you get better paid, more rewarding, and more convenient locums
Our service has been trusted by 6000 locum doctors this year and is rated five stars by doctors on Trustpilot.

We're rated #1 by locum doctors

September 2021
Dr Michael M.

"The Trip Advisor for finding locum work. Great service and put me in touch with multiple agencies who all offered jobs within my brief. Secured locum work for all of my F3 year and the service was cracking."

Sept 2021
Dr Adnan Ali

"Game changer in securing locum work. Vetted agencies with suitable job roles sent to you after one simple profile setup. No longer taking leaps of faiths signing up to agencies without any knowledge of preferred trusts or even job roles these agencies offer!"

Oct 2021
Dr Keyan M.

"This is the future of NHS locum work, Messly act as a hub for all agencies to contact you through. very well laid out and always quick to answer any questions."

July 2021
Dr Rob M.

"An excellent, free service which helped with the difficult transition into the locum world. My Messly contact (Stefan) was extremely attentive and supportive from the very beginning which ultimately helped me find a very good locum agency. I would really recommend Messly, particularly those who are new to locuming!"

Nov 2021
Dr Franklin U.

"Awesome experience. Got my first UK job through Messly. Came in 6 months ago jobless and nervous and within 2 weeks of using the site had started a job. Would recommend Messly to anyone."

Oct 2021
Dr Sinthuja J.

"Very easy and quick to set up a profile. Allowed me to look at different locum agencies all in one page tailored to my preferences - did all the work for me so all I had to do was pick the best options! Definitely recommend!"


The new and better way to find locums

Choice of all locum jobs

Twenty of the best locum agencies compete for you on Messly. You see what shifts they have upfront. More choice means higher rates, less travel and better rotas.

Agencies you can trust

We've selected the best-rated, most reliable agencies. See ratings from doctors before you speak to them, so you only work with the best.

Personalised to you

Set your locum wishlist on Messly, and only see jobs matched exactly to your needs. No spam, no time-wasting and a personalised service for you.

Hassle free and easy

Manage the process from website or mobile app, and use our Docs service to register with agencies quickly. Nifty tech built to save you time.


We make agencies compete for you

✔️  We've handpicked the best agencies

We only work with the best-rated and trusted agencies, selected based on doctor feedback. We make them follow a strict code of conduct to ensure they provide a great service.

✔️  We have jobs for all doctors

Messly works with all the major agencies in the UK so we have jobs for all types of doctors:‍

✅   SHOs, F3s, Registrars, Consultants and GPs
✅   All specialties
✅   Ad-hoc shifts or long-term locums
✅   All parts of the UK

✔️  Only share contact details when you're ready

Your contact details won't be shared with agencies until you're ready. All our recruiters adhere to our stringent code of conduct so you can ensure you'll get the best service.



9.2 / 10



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How it works

How we find you
the perfect locum

Step 1

Tell us what locums you want

Set your locum wishlist on your Messly profile, which states exactly what shifts you want. Then only see locum jobs matched exactly to those needs. No spam, no time-wasting and a personalised service for you.

What do I put on my profile?

Your profile on Messly includes: your minimum hourly rate, how far you'll travel, your start date, the rotas you want and more. So you get exactly what you want.

Who sees my profile?

Only recruiters from agencies that are vetted and approved by Messly can see your profile, so you don't need to worry about your colleagues or current hospital coming across it.

Is it anonymous?

Yes, we only include your first name and you don't share your full name, GMC number or any contact details.

Step 2

Receive locum offers from agencies

Agencies contact you through Messly, offering specific locum jobs upfront which are tailored to your locum wishlist. You manage all your conversation within Messly, and don't share your personal details until you're sure that you want to go ahead. You can turn off your Messly profile any time, and nobody can contact you.

Who are the locum agencies?

We only work with the best-rated and trusted agencies. We select them based on doctor feedback, and ensure they provide a great service.

Can I see jobs upfront?

Yes, agencies have to mention specific vacancies they have them they message you. No more vague promises of work that don't materalise!

How long does it take to get locum offers?

Most doctors will get multiple offers on the day they make their profile.

Step 3

We help you register and start work quickly

Our Docs service helps you save time registering with locum agencies, so you can start working quickly and without hassle. Learn what registration documents you need to provide, store them in one place and share with locum agencies in one click. Doctors who used Docs registered 70% faster with locum agencies.

How does Docs help me save time?

Docs saves you time by giving you a central hub for your registration documents. You can learn about what registration documents you require, upload them to one place and share them instantly with locum agencies with one-click.

You can upload all your key documents including your passport, visa, proof of address, GMC certificate, medical school certificates, appraisals and others.

What if I want to work with several locum agencies?

Our Docs service is designed to help you register quickly with several locum agencies and avoid you having to repeat the same process. Once you've added your registration documents to Messly, just hit share button and your documents will be instantly sent over to your preferred locum agencies.

Why is this better than signing up directly?

Messly gives you access to the whole market rather than a single agency so you're much more likely to find the right locum. In addition we make it easy to see jobs upfront, schedule calls with recruiters and manage all the admin from your phone.

About Messly

How Messly helped 100s of doctors find their perfect locums

About Messly

Hi, I’m Abrar

Anaesthetics Registrar & Founder of Messly

“I started Messly in 2016 with my friend Chris, with the goal of supporting doctors to have more fulfilling careers.

As a doctor I've experienced the challenges of finding the right locum work. At a time when more doctors are looking to explore portfolio careers, or top up their income with locum work, we are here to help.

This service is built with doctors in mind, putting you in control and helping you find your perfect locum jobs, quickly and on your terms.”


Got questions?

Who is Messly?

Since 2016 we have helped doctors make better career decisions and have more fulfilling lives as doctors. In that period over 30,000 have registered to use our career planning tools and other services. You can learn more about us at messly.com and read our blog at messly.com/blog.

Why is Messly doing this?

We want to make it as easy as possible for doctors who are locuming, or considering locuming, to find work.

We know that finding regular, rewarding and safe work is the hardest part of being a locum doctor.

By helping you find the right work with the right agency, we hope that you will feed fulfilled in your career as a doctor.

What kind of roles will I get offered on Messly?

Initially the roles offered will be locums within NHS hospitals, offered through our agency partners. We occasionally offer roles in Australia and New Zealand, and are looking to expand into non-clinical roles in the future.

Is Messly a recruitment agency?

No, but we partner with NHS hospitals and recruitment agencies who have opportunities across the NHS so you access to a much wider range of opportunities than working with any single one.

Do I have to apply for jobs in Messly?

No. You create an online profile, and agencies with roles available that match your clinical skills and availability will contact you. They will explain who they are and what shifts they have. You can reply if you're interested or reject them if not. You don't share your personal details until you're sure that you want to go ahead.

Do I have to pay to use Messly?

No the service is completely free of charge for all doctors. We take a small fee from an agency for successfully placing you to help us maintain the service.

Does Messly have work for me?

Messly works with every major agency in the UK so we have jobs for all types of doctors:‍

✅   SHOs, F3s, Registrars, Consultants and GPs
✅   All major specialties
✅   Ad-hoc shifts or long-term locums
✅   All parts of the UK

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